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A RoofA roof is very essential for every home. That is why; materials used for roofing should withstand the many weather changes nowadays. The indentation of EPDM rubber or Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer rubber has been a celebrated innovation in the rubber industry. EPDM rubber is widely use for different purposes since it functions just like natural rubber

but can be stretched further without being deformed and can still return to its original size. This property makes it the perfect option when improved materials are needed in production.

For people who are not familiar with this kind of synthetic rubber, the following qualities can help you in considering the use of EPDM rubber.

This kind of rubber can resist ageing properties better than natural rubber because its durability is excellent against changing and extreme temperatures. EPDM rubber is also highly resistant against water and steam which makes it endure severe weather conditions, UV rays, oxygen and other chemicals that can damage materials from natural rubber. Lastly, it is has excellent electric insulating properties which is very useful as protection in areas where voltage is high. These properties are the reasons why some people opt to use EPDM rubber as the material for their roofing, because with it as a material the roof becomes water proof and will not cause leakage in the roof even during heavy rains.

Also, this roof is more sanitary because it will not pollute run-off rain water which can be used by the owner for personal and household cleaning needs. Aside from this, the roof is stronger when synthetic rubber is used that it can stand against the wind, 120 mph and higher. That is why, people who are residing in areas where hurricanes often come, choose to use this material for their roof, to ensure their safety.

A house is not just a place to reside but a sanctuary in times of trouble, be it physical, emotional or environmental. That is why it must be ensured that the roofing material used can withstand whatever tests, the times might throw.

It is pointless to have a house where the roof can not provide protection. If you are planning to build your dream house, remember to consider the materials you will use for your roof. Study the trend in roofing system so that you will not make the mistake of using the wrong material, which can jeopardize the safety of your family and the belongings you have worked so hard for. Learn to consult the synthetic rubber industry once you plan to put on the roof of your house, so that you will be advised of its advantages and learn of other people who used the material as their roof. Roofs need not be traditional; it must be durable enough to serve its purpose. It should not also be just an accessory to make your house look great, instead it should represent stability more than just beauty, because the roof is a very important part not only in our house but also in our lives.

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