Oct 272012

If you want to refresh the look of your kitchen you don’t have to spend a fortune or to deprive your family of the dreamed vacation. Don’t pay attention to all fashion magazines for interior design trends, because just by using several simple and inexpensive ways you can refresh and make beautiful again your kitchen. Find them below and try to use them if you want to remodel your kitchen fro really less than expected.

You just need few minor changes here and there to reap the compliments from your loved ones and guests. There are thousands of magazines, books and Internet publications which you can use for ideas, just be smart and decide on time what you can handle and how much it would cost you.

Here are 7 relatively low budget ideas for kitchen decoration:

1. Replace the doors and hinges of the kitchen cabinets and drawers. The rest of the kitchen furniture can be painted or covered with foil for overall visual effect.

2. Paint in white the kitchen furniture or maybe in ivory and replace the handles of the cabinets. The effect is almost like buying completely new furniture.

3. Cut the padding of the cabinet’s doors and replace it with Plexiglas or ornament glass. The idea is to create a “window”. You can use different colors that will match best to the rest of the kitchen interior.

4. To experiment with the colors is another way to cheaply upgrade your kitchen. Paint the walls and furniture. If you’re a fan of traditional, you can buy paint that will make your furniture look antique or glossy and shiny following the most recent fashion trends.

5. Another thing that you may change is the countertop and the sink. Sinks with good quality can be purchased at reasonable prices and the price of the countertop depends on its size and whether you will replace it by yourself or hire a specialist. The variety is great and you can select from many different materials, colors and patterns.

6. A little bit bigger investment is to add a kitchen island – an excellent way to add extra space for work and a huge change in the interior of the kitchen. If you do not have enough space in your kitchen or money to buy kitchen island, then you can go for a kitchen cart. The mobile kitchen cabinet with countertop is a very valuable assistant and can be easily removed if you want to create more space.

7. If your budget is too small, but you still want to change something in the kitchen, then you can add kitchen backsplash. It is both useful and gives a whole new design of the kitchen. The variety from which you can choose is great again – materials, colors, patterns.

As you see, the renovation of the kitchen can be easy and just by replacing the handles or the doors or small repainting can create really astonishing effect. One small change is pleasant for everyone, so experiment and use your imagination!

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