Apr 192015

Feng Shui DiningFor the Chinese the time of taking food is important, because it nourishes the body and nourishes the soul. Must be a ceremonial moment, relaxed and in harmony. There should be objects that distract the moment, like a television on or too much furniture. Continue reading »

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Apr 192015

The Gateway in Feng Shui
The front door is where the Chi energy enters and leaves the house. Each time you enter your house chi moves inland, the same as it exits. This means that the energy flow will be affected as more people cross the front door. The front door must take into account its orientation and characteristics. Guidance gateway: SE – It promotes dialogue and development in harmony or balance. S – South orientation over stimulated and can lead to discussions. Continue reading »

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Apr 192015

living feng shuiThe lounge is where family gathers and where he received his guests, with the public place of the house. The objects that show up your social life and financial situation and the environment made reveal themselves. The furniture chosen and how to place them in the space reflect whether a family is informal, formal or modern. Beyond the decorative styles, family and people who visit them to react to the atmosphere, which can produce a serene and welcoming or rejection and discomfort. Continue reading »

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Apr 032015

stove hot tubWood-fired hot water baths have enjoyed much popularity ever since its inception centuries ago. It is fabled that the Chinese already knew more about the therapeutic effects of such tubs. When used appropriately, it can cleanse your body, your body as well as your soul. Just take a dip in one of those thousand dollar contraptions known as spas and Jacuzzis. Continue reading »

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