Dec 272012

How to Maintain Household WiringThe electricity supply to a house comes through an underground service cable or, in some rural areas, through overhead wires. It goes into the electricity meter via a service fuse, and then on to the consumer unit. The incoming cable, the service fuse and the meter, all of which should have tamper-proof seals, belong to the supplier, and should be maintained by them.

The meter measures the amount of electricity drawn from the supply. Continue reading »

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Dec 152012

Household ElectricityTo do its work, electricity has to flow in a circuit. In household terms, it flows up the wire from the substation to the meter in the house, from the meter to the consumer unit (the up-to-date term for the fuse-box), from the consumer unit to the various power points and light liftings, through the appliances and back by a parallel route to the source. Continue reading »

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Dec 112012

white interior
The white home interior has more pluses than specks that might occur. The white design is clean as a wedding dress and a luxury yacht. It is always modern although it’s widely used from the beginning of 1920 and nowadays it is more fashionable than ever. The white walls, furniture and accessories bring in your home what you need most – festivity. Continue reading »

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Dec 102012

The corridor
The corridor creates the first impression of any home and the owners and prepare the guests for the upcoming home interior. What furniture, colors and accessories to use in the corridor? Check the answer of these questions below and you will make your home better place for living and having fun.

The decoration of the corridor is more or less a problem of every housewife. The long empty space without windows always creates dark, gray and depressing feeling. Let’s see how to transform the corridor into something attractive, fun and hospitable. Continue reading »

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Dec 072012

Buy  or rent
There are certain principles which you have to follow when you decide to buy a new kitchen or remodel it. They will definitely help you choose better kitchen design and appliance and will make the whole process really enjoyable. Check them below and try to fully implement these tips if you want to create really great atmosphere in probably the most important room in your house. Continue reading »

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Dec 012012

Buy or rent

Buy  or rent We found in many places on the Internet tests which you can find out what is smarter, buy or rent. Usually it comes down to you, if you do not explicitly specified that you have no problem with that monthly money to throw away should always buy. This is really a much too rosy presentation of the facts, because there are enough reasons for a house to rent. When you buy a house you always pay, in addition to the purchase price, about 8% to 10% cost you when you sell the house immediately lost. Ideally, the house until you sell the house as more money has become, or you have 10% equity built up. Continue reading »

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